Friday, August 20, 2010

My Bushcraft Journal

I have a collection of outdoor books. Almost all of them have some information that is useful or a technique I want to try out. Some of the books I have are in pretty rough shape (I buy most of them at library sales and garage sales) and I really don't want to take them on an outing and risk any further damage.  So a few months ago I made myself a small leather bound journal and started to take notes of the things I thought were interesting or things I wanted to try the next time I was out. So now while I'm sitting at home reading a book and come across something I want to try, I immediately write it in my journal for the next time I'm in the woods. Now I am no longer carrying two or three books in my pack or trying to remember which book I saw what in.  I have sections on finding direction, knots and ropework, weather lore, recipes and camp tips and crafts.  I also reserve some of it for trip reports and notes.
If it's been an eventful day, I'll sit next to the campfire and write about it while it's still fresh in my mind.  When the weather has you under a tarp or in a tent for a couple of hours, It's a lot of fun to go through it and relive some of your previous trips or study up on some techniques.  So give it a shot and start keeping your own bushcraft journal, see if it works for you.  Have a great weekend !

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