Monday, August 9, 2010

The Rule of 3's

Almost everyone who is into bushcraft and the outdoors knows the Rule of 3's when it comes to survival.  Basically the rule of 3's state that you can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without proper shelter in the cold or heat, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without any food.  I take the rule of 3's a bit farther.
Whenever I am in the woods... whether it be a day hike a couple of minutes away from my house or a week long trip in the Adirondacks, I follow my own rule of three which is always carry three of each essential item. The following is my own personal "Rule of 3's" each followed by what I have been working on or carry in my kit.

Always carry 3 ways to start a fire.
I carry Strike anywhere matches, A "bic" lighter and a magnesium fire starter.
Always carry a tarp and know 3 ways to set it up.
I carry either a homemade 8x8 tarp or a 8x10 poly tarp.
Always carry at least 3 pieces of rope or cordage and know at least 3 basic knots.
The three I use the most in the woods are a Bowline, Square knot and Tautline Hitch
Know at least 3 ways to find direction.
Learn how to use a Map and Compass, Stick and shadow method or how to navigate by the stars.
Know 3 ways to find food.
Pick a plant like the Cattail and learn how to prepare it, know how to make a basic trap and carry a small fishing kit.
Always carry 3 cutting tools.
I carry a full tang sheath knife, a swiss army knife and a small tomahawk.
Know and carry at least 3 ways to purify and gather water.
Carry a metal container to boil it in, carry a filter, carry a plastic sheet for a solar still or a bandana to collect dew in the mornings.
Carry at least 3 light sources.
I carry a small LED flashlight, a couple of candles and 2 lightsticks.

Everything I carry fits into a daypack or shoulder bag, It's always ready to grab and go hit the woods. On longer trips I'll add a tent, stove\cooking kit and a blanket or sleeping bag but my basic kit rarely ever changes.


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