Sunday, September 12, 2010

Personalizing your Gear

My Northeast Voyageur mark
Woodburned into spoon handle
As time has gone on, I've ended up making or modifying more and more of my gear.  Something I've started doing recently is personalizing the gear I make and use.  If your into making outdoor crafts I encourage you to do the same.  Maker's Marks, Trademarks and Signatures have been used for thousands of years, Create your own Maker's Mark and put it on your gear, It identifies it as yours and keeps things from getting mixed up when camping with others.  I like a simple, unique mark that is descriptive.  The mark I use is a simple "V"  for Voyageur with the right side pointing northeast like a compass needle. (See Photo).  You can draw your mark on, burn it on or even get stamps and punches made with your mark.  If you sell crafts or gear, It identifies your products and helps people remember your business. So be creative with your gear and make sure everyone knows who made it!

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