Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bushcraft Kits

Recently, I've had a few people ask me advice about putting together their own Bushcraft/Outdoors kit. They always ask me what is in my kit.  While I'm I telling them what I carry, I try to explain that kits are personal and different people will carry different items depending on what they think they will need or what they are comfortable with.  I always stress that, no matter what they decide to carry, it should cover their basic needs.  I also let them know that just because I carry a certain item, it doesn't mean they would necessarily carry it or use it.  I've found out when I started out practicing Bushcraft, I carried way too much gear in my kit, I started paring it down a little on every trip until I carried what I considered the bare essentials.  I then started adding pieces that I wanted to carry for either comfort or convenience, eventually settling on my current kit that I've been using for awhile now with little change to it.  I've found that a modular approach works the best for me, starting with my basic kit and adding other gear depending on what I plan on doing.  For example, a day hike means I grab my kit, add a map of where I'm going, a snack or two and head out the door.  If I'm doing an overnight then it's my basic kit with a sleeping bag, some food and maybe a small tent in a larger rucksack. If I'm headed out for a multiple day trip with my family, then it's my basic kit, plenty of food, water filter, cooking stove, larger tent, extra clothes and sleeping bag in my frame pack. I'm constantly trying out new gear, testing it out to see it meets my needs but the one constant is my basic kit.  So enough explanation....Here's what I carry in my kit.

1. Backpack with Compass Attached
2. 8x8 Homemade Tarp
3. Sheath Knife, Hawk, SAK and Small Saw
4. Small Monocular
5. Matches, Bag of firestarters with Lighter and Magnesium Fire Starter
6. Bushcraft Journal
7. First Aid Kit (includes bug repellent)
8. Mylar "Space" Blanket
9. Small LED Flashlight, Emergency Candle and Light Sticks
10. Small "Shammy" towel
11. 55 Gal. Trash Bag
12. Spare pair of prescription eyeglasses
13. Hacky Sack
14. Metal cup, Metal bottle, Wooden spoon and Bushcraft stool
15. 50ft Light Rope, 50ft Paracord, Various sized rope and cord cutoffs in bag

That's it... everything fits in the bag with room to spare for snacks, etc.  It weighs in at about 10lbs. and I always have it with me in the woods.  Thanks for reading, Hope your day is going great!


  1. A bushcraft kit sounds strange somehow. Good post though, very interesting.
    I have always thought of woodscraft (now called bushcraft) as what you do when in the woods, skills more than equipment, but yes we all carry our personal choice of equipment on longer treks.
    Good to see such a small light kit.
    Regards, Le Loup.

  2. Le Loup,
    Thanks for reading, I admit that "bushcraft Kit" sounds a bit strange as I also believe in doing more with skills than with gear. But I have also heard too many stories of outdoorsmen and women who have gotten into trouble and have not been prepared. There are times where I use nothing from my kit except a knife or some rope but I know that it's always with me in case I run into trouble or do something stupid in the woods (as I have occasionally been known to do!). Perhaps a "Preparedness Kit" would be a better name. Thanks again for reading, I always enjoy your comments.

  3. Don't sound strange to me Bro as a knife and fire steel are bushcraft gear and I wouldn't ever go to the woods without them.

    Good set up Bro.
    The right combination of gear and skill could save your life.