Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mohican State Park, Loudonville, OH

It's become kind of a tradition with our family to take a hike, do some geocaching or just get out for a walk in he woods the day after Thanksgiving. Last year it was hike in some eastern Pennsylvanian state land to find a geo-cache. This year we were spending Thanksgiving with family in central Ohio. The day after feasting, we took off to Mohican State Park. This is a beautiful park with some great trails next to streams and through a variety of mixed eastern forest. The weather was cold and damp but it felt great to get out after all the eating and visiting with family and friends the day before. The highlight of the hike was when our hosts guided us to a waterfall in the park (Not the best picture, I took it with my phone as I once again forgot to bring the camera). If you live anywhere near Mohican State Park and haven't visited it yet, I would highly recommend it. The trails we were on ranged from an easy walk to some more technical uphill paths, a great place for hikers of any age. All in all a great hike for families! You can get more information, including maps and event information from Thanks for reading... Have a great day!

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