Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Six Days - A Short Story

Hello all,
     I'm happy to announce my first short story available for sale in eBook form for both Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Nobles Nook. It's called Six Days, and is part one of what will be a fictional series of stories based on Bushcraft and the Outdoors. Here's the description and the introduction to preview.

"One man, alone in the woods. Follow Johnny Mac as he tests himself and his outdoor skills on a six day trip."

"It was an unexpected rain. The sky decided to change it's mind from sunny and bright to dark and wet without much warning. Johnny Mac had noticed the change in the air and had just enough time to grab some rope and the cheap plastic tarp from his pack and throw up a quick lean-to. He was dry for now but it looked like the rain wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon.

"Crap" he said out loud to no one but himself, "Looks like it's gonna be awhile”.

He'd made a point of talking to himself at least once or twice a day. He hadn't seen or heard another person for six days and talking out loud to no one in particular seemed to break up the subtle but constant noise around him.

He had often read of people finding solitude and silence in the forest but to Johnny it was far from silent. The woods around him were constantly in motion, the paper like sound of wind blowing through the trees, bird songs, small creatures scurrying about unseen, the rhythmic crunch of the forest floor underneath his boots. It was as full of sounds as any town or city he had ever been in, but softer and without the unpleasantness of those places.

Six days ago he had a friend drop him off on the side of the road that ran through a six thousand acre state forest. His intention was to test himself, he had been studying and practicing for almost a year now. Almost a year of building fires in his backyard fireplace, setting up tarps in the pouring rain and trying out every bushcraft and woodcraft skill he could find. He spent his weekends hanging between two trees in a home made hammock trying to find the perfect combination of comfort and portability. He tested equipment for both durability and multi-functionality. His pack had everything he needed to spend days out by himself and weighed just a bit over ten pounds. He had decided it was time, time to test himself, his skills and his equipment. He had been planning this trip all summer. Six days alone in the woods, no campsites, no trails. He would take his pack and just enough food to get him through.

He knew he was ready."

It's priced at $.99 and available worldwide at the following links. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Become a Local Adventurer

Here in the Northeast were in the middle of winter and so far it has been very mild. Unfortunately, things have been very busy for me at work and I haven't been able to get outdoors or post on here as often as I would like to. But just the other day I was visiting the website of a rather famous TV Survival guy and saw he was a member of an explorers club. I checked out the clubs website and thought it was pretty cool. There was information on visiting exotic, far away places that looked very exciting. I realized that there were many places around me that I still haven't explored. It got me thinking about how we are all explorers and adventurers to a certain extent and that we all should all start locally. We should start with our own backyards, especially in the current economic climate. How many of us have driven hundreds of miles to go hiking or camping but haven't thought about the state lands right next door? What about nature centers and hiking paths? A short drive from my house is the Finger Lakes Trail System comprised of 958 miles of hiking trails and sadly, I've only hiked short pieces of it a couple of times. I'm making a resolution to spend more of my outdoor time and money locally this year. Here's a challenge for everyone, find a place to get outdoors close to home, hike it, bike it, climb it, canoe it or whatever then find another and then another.. Let your friends know about it, take them along, start your own unofficial "Explorer's Club" and share your experiences with others. Let's spread the word about the places around us.
Thanks for reading and I hope we all discover something new!